Check Out the Difference Between the Plasma and LCD TV Now

You might be wondering what kind of flat screen television is better – is it Plasma or LCD? Let this review help you by comparing the features of these two types of television. In the recent market, Plasma television is leading the battle between the two televisions and sooner or later it will get the crown. Checking the features of each of these televisions can help consumers decide which television they should choose.Plasma TVs came out with the 42 to 50 inch models which became a hit in the market. This made the Plasma TV a leader in the flat screen television industry. And since these large screens TV models have maintained its standing in the world of televisions, their prices started to go down. Initially, you can buy this Plasma TV for more than 5,000 dollars but at this time, you can get it at even less than 2,500 dollars. This is indeed an advantage for Plasma TV.With this size factor, LCD television manufacturers are not allowing the Plasma TVs to completely take control. Today, they are producing larger screen models same as Plasma TVs at 42 to 50 inches. This makes the battle more exciting!The 42-inch model leads the popularity when it comes to the screen size. Because of this, television companies tend to produce more than the demands. This is the reason why the prices of these televisions are beginning to go down. However, Plasma TVs is still leading when it comes to the price because they are the pioneer in producing these large models. On the other hand, LCD TVs are predicted to win the battle as it will begin dropping the prices down far more practical than the Plasma TV.Now, if you are after the multimedia specifications, then you should go for LCD TVs. LCD Television has the features most consumers are looking for such as the PC connections, memory cards and USB ports to be able to connect it to the PC monitors. Another exciting feature is the ability to play MP3 files and to view images taken through your digicams. And for all video game fans, they will surely appreciate the crystal clear graphics and text resolutions.What are the other factors why LCD televisions are leading the competition between Plasma and LCD TVs? This is the lifespan of the television. The life span of the plasma screen is usually around 60,000 hours while for LCD TVs, it is around 80,000 hours. Another good thing about LCD TV is that it does not have the “burn area” feature which is a shortcoming of Plasma TV. In addition, LCD TVs has become more popular when it comes to portability. LCD TVs have come out with petite and convenient to carry model which is a great deal people love.

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